Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The days I never spent with you on the beach...

By Bianca Karina Ortega Salcido 


The world seems so quiet now without you, almost mute. My wandering eyes search for you and fail miserably. You my darling are everything and everything is lost without you.


Pg. 1

         Sofia drove in to the parking lot in a black sports car with metal pounding in her ears, not loud enough to disregard her racing thoughts. She threw out the cigarette bud through the window as she pulled in to the first space closest to the school. There was a group of boys parked behind her sitting out on top of their cars, talking about the weekend. As her tires screeched to a stop, the boys all turned to look. It was a new car, one they had not seen before at school or in town. Andre the leader of the group told the others to take care of it. As two of the boys were walking over to the car, Sofia opened the door and stepped out. The two boys froze seeing the whiplash of honey colored locks that reached her waist. As she turned to close the car she saw them standing there, staring. She pulled down her sunglasses to show them her hazel colored eyes, as she said hello. Andre watching from a distance, was more than surprised, he was floored with the mere smell of daisies mixed with mint and tobacco and the flawless hour glass figure that came along with it.  He jumped up and began walking quickly behind her with the intent to say hi. Her phone rang, she answered in a language that was unknown to him, but impressed him even more so. She continued to walk towards the school talking to someone, gibberish for all he knew. As they reached the door, she said goodbye and speeded up her pace. He tried to follow discretely as the bell rang and many students started to roam the hallways, now making the noise of her heels and his steps less evident. She kept looking down at her phone and up again as if she was looking for a room number, but walked in to the main office instead. Andre had spent too much time in the main office to want to be there by his own will, so he headed off to class in hope that she would later show up and he could finally take a good look at her face, which he had already imagined as angelic. 

 Mistress Gustav gave Sofia her class schedule, and had her sign the main law of conduct consent. As she explained each rule, Sofia politely agreed every time she paused. Mistress Gustav asked Sofia the reason why she had decided to transfer schools and major. Sofia could not tell her the real reason obviously, so she simply said she had a change of heart in major and wanted to be by the beach. This was enough of a reason for Mistress Gustav, actually one that she heard very often from many new students. Sofia asked Mistress Gustav where her first class was, pretending she did not already know this information. Mistress Gustav had been so delighted with Sofia´s polite small talk that she decided to accompany her. As they were walking down the hall, Mistress Gustav kept asking personal questions about Sofia´s family. She asked where her parents were, what they did for a living, where she was staying since she had not needed a dorm. Sofia answered all her questions as briefly and politely as possible. As they approached the elevators a voice came on the loud speaker asking the presence of Mistress Gustav in the main office. Mistress Gustav looked at Sofia as she giggled and asked her if she could get to class on her own after giving her brief instructions. Sofia nodded and went in to the elevator, relieved she would not have to keep lying. Sofia had to lie, about everything to everyone and even if it hurt her deeply she knew she did not have any other choice. 


Pg. 2

The doors of the elevator opened, she stepped out and started walking down the hall listening briefly to the lectures in each class. She knocked on the fifth door down without looking at the room number. Mr. Esveredik paused his reading out loud to say ¨Come in.¨ Sofia walked in to the room, and everyone looked at her in awe, she was beautiful to say the least. She had long straight honey colored hair that ended in flawless curls at the tips. She was of a small proportion and height only appearing taller from the fourteen inch stilettos. Her eyes were a deep honey color that appeared green in certain light. Mr. Esverdik cleared his throat and asked her for her name. Sofia introduced herself and apologized for being late. But the truth is Sofia could have been on time, she knew exactly were she had to go, she had studied the school floor plan before hand, she had studied each student and teacher´s background for months. She knew Mr. Esveredik was a new professor who had moved here from New York, that he had left a girlfriend back home, which he was doubting to reveal to any one because he was as handsome as they come and liked the attention from all his female students. It had always been this way for Sofia, she always knew more than she wanted to know. Sofia took a seat in one of the top rows of the class not looking at anyone around her, but knowing exactly who everyone was and were they were sitting. Andre was in the front right of the class staring at her as she went up the stairs, mesmerized. Margherita the prima ballerina, and smartest girl in the room besides Sofia was in the top left row looking down at Sofia as she came up, she also stared at her trying to figure out if she was a threat or not. 

Mr. Esveredik continued with his lecture, as Sofia sat down. Mr. Esveredik asked if everyone had time to read and do the assignment that he had emailed a week prior to that day. Everyone nodded, Margherita was the first to raise her hand as usual standing up and reciting what she had written; a short poem on the meaning of life. Everyone clapped, and she started to glow more and more as her ego grew. One by one everyone stood up and rendered their poem, Mr. Esveredik told Sofia that she had not received his email because he did not have her email address on file yet, and that it was ok If she did not participate. Sofia would have agreed if her purpose was not to be noticed, but she had to stand out, she had to capture Andre´s attention. So she told Mr. Esveredik that she could try and participate anyway. She stood up as everyone looked up at her, trying to decipher if she looked mysterious because she was wearing all black clothing, or if she really was mysterious. Sofia looked down at Andre and pierced his eyes with hers long enough to make him uncomfortable then looked up at the rest of the class.

¨Eyes, shallow, skin-deep, superficial microscopes. Unraveling emptiness, grasping only the fa├žade, but un penetrating the abysmal depth. Switchblades jabbing in to indestructible iron. Eyes, blinded by the esoteric haziness. You don’t know me.¨


Pg. 3

Sofia sat back down without waiting for the applause that came soon after an uncomfortable silence that seemed to have lasted more than a minute. Andre noticed all the other students turning away so he did also, but really wanted to gaze at her and figure out if her words had been directed towards him. The class ended and everyone started to head out. Sofia pretended to take a long time to get her things together, to give Andre enough time to get away. When Sofia came out to the hall way, there was no one else there, she started to walk toward her next class, room 202. She saw the number on the door but could not hear anything, so she went in without knocking. The room was empty, except for a boy at the teacher’s desk trying to force a drawer open, they both froze as they stared at one another in surprise, Sofia quickly turned around and closed the door behind her. The boy tried to go after her but when he opened the door she was no longer there, the hall was very long and she could have only gotten away by going in to another class room. Sofia had gone in to another classroom, she was already sitting and pretending to catch up on the lecture notes, but her heart was still beating fast, not because she was scared of this boy nor of what he was doing but of not having heard his breathing, his heartbeat. This was something that had never happened before. She could hear everyone’s heart beat in the room as she was thinking, she could tell Kaitlin, who was a petite blonde in the front had asthma, that Ronaldo a heavy built boy, had a partially blocked artery for which he was going to start having chest pain soon, but she did not hear this boy’s heart nor lungs, it was something that frightened her. 

The day ended and Sofia headed out with the rest of the crowd to the parking lot, the sun was shining bright, she put on her sunglasses and started walking at a steady speed towards her car. She heard someone running up behind her; ¨¡hey, hey! wait up.¨ , the boy she feared hollered as he raced to get next to her. She paused her walking for a bit and looked at him, trying to hear his heart; nothing. She turned back towards her car and started walking again. ¨Look I don’t know what ever it is that you saw, or what you think you saw….¨ she turned around took off her sun glasses and looked in to his eyes, stopping him half way through his sentence. ¨Don’t worry, I am not interested in knowing what it is that you were actually doing.¨, said Sofia with a condescending tone as she started to walk towards her car again. ¨Look, pretty girl you don’t know anything, your daddy´s credit card has paid it all, you haven’t had to work a day in your life.¨ the boy answered. ¨And I’m sure you have.¨, Sofia responded abruptly in an even more condescending tone than the first while looking at him up and down. Andre came up behind the boy before he could answer ¨¿Is there a problem here? ¨, he interrupted looking mainly at Sofia. ¨No, this gentleman was just leaving.¨, said Sofia looking at the boy. ¨My name is Dante.¨, he answered upset before he walked away to get in to the passenger side of the car that was stalled further down the aisle. The rap music coming out of the car disappeared as they speeded out of the parking lot. Andre looked at Sofia with a smile, then asked her what that was about. Sofia, smiling told him not to worry about it, as she opened up her car to put her book bag in. Andre handed her a flyer, inviting her to a back to school party which he hosted every year only for VIP students, he never invited new transfer student but Sofia was something else. Sofia looked at the flyer carefully noticing date and time and as she realized it was tonight, she handed it back to him stating she already had plans. He insisted she keep the flyer just in case her plans did not work out so she would have the address, she asked him for his number instead. Even though he was thrilled that she would ask him, this caught him off guard. Sofia got in to the car after she wrote down his number on her phone and closed the door. She could see Andre through the side mirror bending down to pick up his car keys from the ground, when he came up she had her window down, she smiled and he waved goodbye as she speeded in reverse making him jump. 



Sofia speeded down the road to an almost empty gas station. There was a bike in the next pump over, but the driver was inside arguing with the attendant. Sofia got out of the car and as she filled her tank she touched around underneath her car near were Andre was standing when he had pretended to drop his keys. She felt around and found a small tracking device, with the gum she had in her mouth she walked over and stuck it on to the bike that had out of state plates. She finished pumping gas with a smile on her face and then drove off. It was a long drive back home, she lived in a private residential area on the beach. Her house was a typical beach home with large windows and a back patio that lead down to the beach, it was her house but not her home. She tried not to get acquainted with any one or any place for that matter, because she knew that she would have to leave at some point. The longest she had ever spent anywhere was in Venice, it had taken her longer to complete that mission than all the rest, or maybe she enjoyed that magical city so much she made it last longer than it should have. This new house was much bigger than the last, this house was full of emptiness. There were so many rooms, which had been decorated prior to her arrival so that it seemed she had lived there for a longer time, but in reality this was going to be her third night there. 

She changed and ran down to the beach for a quick run. There was no need for her to exercise really because she was in perfect shape, running was more of a distraction, a way to take her mind off of her memories. She went up the stairs back in to the house and looked at her wrist watch, grabbed her phone and dialed Andre´s number.

Andre: ¨hello?¨

Sofia: ¨Hey it’s Sofi, about tonight, will you be there. I don’t know how I would feel arriving alone, and not knowing anyone.¨

Andre: ¨Well I am the host so I have to be there, but I might be running a little late I have a two hour drive back.¨

Sofia now with a smile on her face, asks ¨Where are you?¨ 

Andre:  ¨I am out near Revere I think.¨

Sofia envisioned him sitting in his car outside a bar in the middle of Revere, she could see the bike from the gas station parked in front of him. She could not help but giggle. 

Sofia: ¨What are you doing there? ¨

Andre was still in total shock, he had no idea what had happened.

Andre: ¨I ummm I came to look for something, but had no luck. I am heading back now, so about the party, do you want to go until I get there.¨? 
Sofia: ¨Well like I had mentioned I had plans with some friends tonight, I was wondering if I could bring them with me?¨ 

Andre: ¨Yes of course, just tell security to call me in case you have any problems.¨

Sofia: ¨Ok thank you, I will see you there.¨

Andre: ¨Glad you changed your mind.¨

Andre became so excited to know that he would be seeing Sofia tonight that he totally disregarded the two hour drive he had just made out to Revere to try and see where she lived. 
She obviously did not live there, so he started to head back in order to try and be at the party before Sofi so he could welcome her. Sofia had friends, friends that were more like partners. Most of them had been recruited at a small age and they all considered each other family because they did not know anyone else, they couldn’t know anyone else.
The organization had very strict rules, Sofi being the first to join, new them all by heart, and thinking it had been her father’s idea, respected them dearly. 

Her childhood had become a blur after she had received the treatment to become what she was, but she held on to every slight detail she could remember. One of the things she could not forget was her father’s last kiss on her forehead before putting her to bed that night, the night that her world ended. 



To be continued...